Teaching Philosophy

Despite or maybe because of the vicissitudes of my career, I've experienced over and over again the redemptive, regenerative, mysterious qualities of music.

These experiences serve as my guiding inspiration when I instruct students in piano.

Teaching Approach

A decade of teaching has exposed ineffective practices and uncovered effective ones.

I tailor my approach to individual students' strengths, weaknesses, and personalities.

I am a proponent of using the whole body to play the piano. I teach an approach that emphasizes maximum relaxation at all times. I have incorporated various techniques and methodologies I've discovered throughout my private & formal schooling and career.

My maturity model is based off the Dreyfus Model. Categories of skill involved in playing the piano include:

  • Aural Skills
  • Knowledge of the canon
  • Practice Quality
  • Sight Reading
  • Theory

Considering a piano lesson?

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