Over a Decade of private piano teaching...

Have developed in me a great appreciation for the difficulty of learning the piano, and many concepts and tools to deal with myriad problems and obstacles for different types of students. Quickly, I'll go over...

3 Structural frameworks for acquisition of skill in classical piano

To give you a better understanding of what you can expect from me as a student in my piano studio, check out three of the most pertinent areas of study that I cover below.

Speed & Power Without Injury

One of the results of taking lessons with me is more accuracy & efficiency in your piano technique. I emphasize relaxation and slow practice.

If we don't push our bodies past where they should go, then we can avoid injury.

As for the efficacy of my approach, I teach the things that have worked best for me in performance, and have disregarded the rest. As a result, I enjoy a pain-free approach to my piano playing.

Music Theory as it pertains to Piano Performance

A basic understanding of music theory is essential to learning how to correctly interpret written music. Proper comprehension of written instructions goes hand-in-hand with technical development, as well as ability to express music. Due to my background in composition, I can offer an interesting perspective on the pieces that you choose to work on, which may provide you with some insight in regards to interpretation, historical context, generative processes, etc.

An Appreciation of the Canon

You could spend a whole lifetime studying classical music and not run out of new pieces to listen to and learn. Learning piano is a gateway to a new community, and a unique way of approaching living.

Regardless of whether you choose to take piano lessons with me, or at all, I encourage music lovers to go to live concerts and performances. Recordings simply cannot capture the vibrance, intimacy, and excitement of live performance, which is what music actually is.

Sebastian Teaching Piano

What Makes Me Different?

You have many choices for a piano instructor. What separates me from others is my international performance career and my experience as a professional composer, arranger, and orchestrator. These experiences have gifted me with a vast body of experiential knowledge that very few other piano instructors in the world have access to, and which shape every interaction I have with my students.

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